Buying Diamonds in Michigan

Finding the best quality of diamonds in Michigan might be a fun yet challenging thing to do. So, if you plan on buying diamonds here, ensure that you have the knowledge on the factors to consider before getting one. Read through to know the guidelines for you to have a prepared self in buying a diamond. In case you find this interesting you definitely should read more about this super-important topic.

round brilliand diamond engagement ring

Factor #1 is the carat weight. A lot of people would think of a carat as the size of a diamond. The fact is, it is the diamond’s weight. Maybe you have heard from someone that the bigger the diamond then the better. Believe it or not, there is no general rule to a certain carat weight when you buy a diamond. Although getting a bigger diamond means you are getting a greater one but you should always remember that there are other factors of a diamond that you should consider especially when it comes to its quality.

Factor #2 is the shape of the diamond. The round brilliant diamond cut has a 75% approximate rate of global sales. Also, it is the best pick that you can give as a surprise gift for some special. Hence, this type of a highly brilliant diamond is the most well-known shape.

Factor #3 is the cut. The diamond-cut refers to the proportion and the finish of a diamond. Getting the right angles would assure you a diamond with full of life. In some cases, noticing the flaws in a brilliant diamond is a bit more challenging.

Factor #4 is the clarity of the diamond. Almost all diamonds have inclusions; these are the naturally-occurring features wherein they form when the diamond crystallizes underground. They are all from several different forms, which can help you determine a diamond of your choice. However, prominent and huge inclusions could deform the diamond’s beauty.

Factor #5 is the color. The diamond color refers to the amount of warm tint that the diamond has. The color scale ranges from colorless to a very strongly tinted yellow or brown color. Diamonds that are in pure white are more desirable and much more expensive. On the other hand, diamonds with warmer hues are less valuable.